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January 28 2014

Guide To File Recovery Softwares A hard drive crash, accidental format or even a file deleted by mistake can end up in utter disaster. It’s worse when the files that got deleted were related to your work, business or other crucial personal documents. However with the advancements in computer technology, the drastic effects can be reversed immediately provided that you act fast. First of all, when you delete a file it’s not removed from your system completely. In windows for example, the file is simply moved from its original directory to the recycle bin. This is true even if you have accidentally deleted a file from an external hard disk drive. In such a case you just need to go to the recycle bin and restore the file to it’s original location and everything will be back to normal. But what if you accidentally deleted the file and then cleared your recycle bin as well? Even if you have cleared the recycle bin, it’s still possible to recover the file. In reality the disk space that was previously used by the deleted file still lays unused after the file has been deleted and this allows us to recover the file. This is why actions should be taken as soon as possible to recover an accidently deleted file before the space is overwritten with any other data. Many people like to contact professional data recovery services who can do this job for you however at times the cost of the operation can be a daunting expense that you might not want to indulge in at the current time. For such the best option would be to get a file recovery software and install it on their computer. Data loss can occur at any time and when you have a good file recovery software installed on your computer you are ready to act immediately, which increases the chances of recovering a file ten folds. There are a lot of file recovery softwares in the market today but only a few that can do the job satisfactorily. 7-Data recovery is one such software, which has proven to be a great buy time and again. The advantage of 7-Data Recovery is that it can even manage to recover all the deleted files from both local and mobile storage devices. No matter what kind of data you have lost- documents, videos, audio, photographs or even emails- 7-Data Recovery can get it all back for you. So if you have lost pictures that you took on your mobile phone, then you can run 7-Data Recovery to reclaim the files. Using a specialized software like 7-Data Recovery is as good as taking the matter to a professional data recovery agency. Chances are they would use a similar software to do this job for you. In fact, 7-Data Recovery lets you recover data up to 1 GB for free. If your files are bigger than that then you should perhaps buy the paid version. To download the free version of 7-Data Recovery, click here.http://7datarecovery.com

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